Roasted BAJRA (Millet) Masala - 200 Gms

Roasted BAJRA (Millet) Masala - 200 Gms

Brand: Mann Foods
Product Code: Roasted BAJRA (Millet) Masala - 200 Gms
Price: Rs. 40.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 40.00

Item Description:

• Delicious & Healthy
• Prepared with high quality ingredient such as Bajra (Millet), spices, edible salts
• This product is best suitable for evening and morning snack.
• This product have low calory that help to maintain a healthy lifestyle
• These high quality Bajra (Millet) adds nutritional value, at the same time offers a good snack time. 
• Can be consumed by people of all the ages. Moreover, it is ready to eat & can be eaten instantly at the hunger time.
• Something very simple but healthy. 
• Relish the Bajra Masala Chat - you can add some onions, cilantro, corriander, green chilly and pomegranate and squeeze some lime juice, , Chutney, etc. over it - to your taste and enjoy. 
• Nutritious & Nourishing
• Rich in - Carbohydrates, Proteins, Minerals, Dietary Fibres. Calcium, Iron

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